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2006 Convertible Passenger Window smashed


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*2007 gt, not 2006. sorry.

Cant find a replacement ANYWHERE!!

nagd1 has it listed but says they dont make it or sell it anymore.

checked every pick and pull near Atlanta

Heres what I am wondering

Does the coupe window fit the convertible? I am told its a different part number by the dealership but they are saying it could be the difference of a single bolt having a different size. If anyone knows please let me know your findings, thank you!!!
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Thank you for your help! That is exactly what I need but upon further research it looks like they are not a reliable source for any type of window, at all.


They have many 1 star ratings indicating wrong shipped item or missing pieces.

My dad says we might take our chances on hoping they can mail us the right part but for now we are going to keep looking.


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Hey we looked at the ratings for this website on facebook and found that they arent as reliable as they look.

Do you happen to know of any other vendors that may be more promising? We are considering taking our chances with this one.

Heres what we found


I did try to go through wholesalegmpartsonline.com but I cant seem to find the right window specifically while trying to sift through the diagrams.