2007 Pontiac g6 3.5l wont start


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So recently bought a 2007 3.5l g6 and it was starting fine when I first bought it but it needed a neutral safety switch so I already planned to replace it. So one day it just wouldn't start checked all the fuses and the battery and all of that was fine.The security light wasnt on. But it wouldn't crank at all tried jumping it and nothing. So I ended up replacing the neutral safety switch hoping it would work since I needed a new one but nope. Ended up pulling starter off so I decided to test it and it ended up being bad because it wouldn't work sometimes. I replaced the starter with a working one and it still doesn't start. Checked all the wiring to the starter and it seemed fine.Then just the other day it started up but hasn't started since.I just dont know what it could be and was wondering if anyone could help or give ideas on what it could be.


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You correctly adjusted the neutral safety switch when you installed it?
Did you check the battery voltage?
Did you check the battery connections at the battery, the ground and the starter?
Did you check the starter relay in the engine compartment fuse box?
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