2008 Grand Prix (base)



I have a question about the factory radio in my base 2008 Grand Prix. There is a button on the stock radio that says "CD AUX" on it and I am wondering, does that mean I have a aux input somewhere .. and if so .. just where the hell is it?

Or is that something that needs to be installed by the dealer but the ability to have a input for like a MP3 player is available?

thanks in advance.


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Can I assume it's not covered in the owners manual?


I looked there as well and it was so generic it mentioned things for all radios that come for my year. I assume that there is an adapter that can be put in in the back of the radio but am not sure.


try this link www.installer.com/item/display_item.php?it=GM12-AUX

it sounds to me the feature is there but you have to take the radio out and install an adaptor
Thanks that might be exactly what I need. I found a site that sells refurbished stock radios and they had a pic of the back of the radio and it looks like there are 2 ports on the back, one for XM and the other for an aux input. What you linked should hopefully do the trick.

How hard is it to take the radios out on these cars?
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