2010 G6 GT Engine Swap


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Hey guys, I got me a 2010 G6 GT (3.5L V6) got it not expecting to like it, so I ran the piss out of it figured why not. Unfortunately my car developed a knock but by this point I decided I loved this car. My whole engine is shot now. I bought a replacement for only $300, but it’s from a 2007 G6 GT. Same size. From what I’ve collected they are almost the same however the older one cannot use flex fuel (which I don’t care about) I’ve never swapped engines before but I would be heartbroken to get my engine out to discover the one I bought will not work. To save me the hassle, I came here to ask you guys. Do you think it would work seamlessly? Would there be anything I’d have to do or swap out first? Thanks in advance.