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225/65/17as opposed to 225/55/17


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My 04GTP competition group takes 225 55 17 tires I'm trying to see if 225 65 17 tires will be too tall as the only difference is side walls are 65% of the width as opposed ti 55% of the Width which figured outto 1. 8 inch taller but they are the same width as most of you realize these tires sit right up against the struts to begin with so I'm trying to see if anyone knows if there will be any problems​

92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico
Install a used one on your rims to see if they fit without hitting.

Manly to see if they hit the spring buckets on the strut or the fenders on the rebound.

Most online go to a 50 or 45 series, nothing on a 65 series online though.

As a note but related ,my Sunbird calls for 185/70/14 but I can install up to 205/70/14 with no problems.

Doug in P.R. šŸ˜Ž


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that would throw off your speedometer and anything else that depends on a accurate vehicle speed such as transmission shifting. On a full spring compression the tire would go up close to 1" more. Cannt tell you whether something would actually hit.