66 catalina automatic column shift brake and turn signal demons


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I am having trouble with the rear turn signals and brake lights have all working separate grounds for every socket new ground to the battery no I turn the turn signal the flash at the same time when the lights are and the running lights come as soon as the key is turned I am assuming that it is two problems the turn signal switch and possibly the light switch as well . I assume there is a button on the switch that releases the shaft and knob but I can not get the turn signal switch off got the steering wheel off took out the 3 screws but the switch would not budge. help thank you


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I can not understand what your first sentence is trying to say. You appear to have a problem related to the turn signals but at the same time you are also referring to the headlight switch.
Below is the process to remove the turn signal switch both from a standard and tilt column. Hope this helps.

1966 Turn Signal Switch: This unit involved removing the steering wheel as well. After removing the wheel, the spring and cam assembly comes off. The lever is unscrewed from the switch. Then you remove the shift lever and spring by removing pivot pin and shim. Disconnect the horn wire and turn signal connector. Remove the lower trim cover plate. Then you remove the screw which retains washer assembly to column jacket. Remove 3 screws from turn signal housing and lift bearing and turn signal from housing, Rotate turn signal housing counter clockwise and lift off. Remove flat washer. Slide off gearshift lever housing If your car is an automatic, remove screw and washer that retains tube assembly to shift lever housing. Remove spacers, washers and sleeve. Reverse procedure to install.

1966 Tilt Steering Turn Signal Switch: Remove wiring connector and switch from steering column. Loosen screw and remove control cable from switch. To install, place steering wheel in "pull down" position. Place switch lever in neutral. Hook control cable wire over actuating pin on switch. Move carrier in switch to neutral position. Lock cable by tightening clamp screw. Locate circuit switch on steering column mast jacket so there is no slack in conduit. Start two mounting screws. Do not pull on switch so as to extend switch slide screws. Make sure that lever and switch are in neutral, then tighten two switch mounting screws.