67 Catalina Convertible Suspension



Just replaced all coil springs and shocks, front frame to deck measures 14.5" on drivers side, 15" on passenger side. The rear frame to deck measures 8.5" on drivers side and 9" on passenger side. HELP. Would definately like to bring the rear up to be level or even a touch higher than the front, I am afraid coil spacers and/or adjusters still would not be enough. I expect when they put it back together (prior owner) that they never bothered with underbody alignment. So now I'm simply looking for a band-aid for a nice user-ride until I can handle a full restoration down the road. Over all it looks good and is clean of cancer, just rides low and tilted. The rear springs measure 15'' prior to install and 6 1/8" compressed. Anyone know how to find springs which would be taller and firmer? Or is the front TOO High at 15"? I'm contemplating putting the old front springs back on, which may lower my front enough that spacers and adjusters may work on the rear. Would really rather change out the rear coil springs altogether due to simplicty but from what vehicle would be a good candidate to provide a higher lift?
Thanks for any inputs. I'd hate to miss the whole summer with the top down just because it looks funky!!

Thanks again, Kevin