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67 GTO Convertible Warehouse Find Parting Out


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I've been out of the hobby for a while and unfortunately (for me) I am loosing my storage space for a numbers matching 67 convertible rolling chassis with body shell and clean title. The drive train includes YS motor, automatic trans, and limited slip differential which I believe to be a 355. The car has been in dry storage since the early 80's and has less than 70k miles on it. It does have the inherent Midwest rusted out trunk and rear floorboards but the frame itself is in very solid condition and the outer body has minimal rust and is definitely repairable. I'm located in Dayton, Ohio and am open to reasonable offers. It is stored at a body shop warehouse and I'll be visiting on Monday to snap some photo's. Original color was maroon with black interior and black top but it is currently in primer. Car is a non A/C model.

I've also amassed a collection of all of this cars original sheet metal and various other parts which I would consider including to a motivated buyer. I know I can do much better financially by parting out the lot but it's just as important to me that this car finds an owner that can bring it back. I'll be taking a hit on this regardless of the price I settle on. As a ballpark I have the appraised value (based on research of similar sales) of the chassis and title at 9k and the parts collection at 10k. I will consider any 64-74 era Lemans, Tempest, or other Pontiac of interest as a partial trade to help me part with it and for you to have space for it. Only drivable trades with good paint and interior will be considered as I am not looking to trade project cars.

Thanks for this forum to help spread the word.
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