69 Catalina hardtop coupe


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Hi I'm new to the forms just looking for information I have acquired at 69 Catalina that's been in the garage for over 25 years it has 65000 Miles and it is completely original nothing has been fooled with still has the original window sticker and owners manual in the glove box The fuel tank and lines will need to be cleaned has some rust on trunk floor has holes will need to be replaced also some rust spots on the trunk extensions and lower back quarters, interior is in really good shape except for Rip on the driver seat just wondering if I can get some insight on the value of this car not sure if I want to do the work or sell it out right pics below for your inspection


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I am looking for an original starter for a 69 cat
Yours is all original so thats what it would have
Not goin to ask anyone to tear their car apart , but if starter gives out , I would be interesred in th old one & pay more than core charge given it has correct # in case....or if you hear of one plz let me know
Thanks IMG_20200202_144710.jpg