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70 Catalina Parts.

I have parts for a 70 Catalina/Bonneville. Front fenders, valance, front and rear bumper assembly, headlight bucket/body panels, power window assemblies, hub caps, trunk lid, grilles, fender skirts, I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. I don't have ANY drivetrain parts, Sorry. If I have anything you are interested in let me know and we can talk details. Shipping is not included Sorry.
I know it says no d/t parts but a starter doesnt dive or train ...so had to inquire...my cats big block does not agree with starters from china or outer mongolia & your first pieces parts thats even close to 69.
Maybe u might know of a place I coul look for an OEM unit..even if its a core or case or nose....
Any help greatly apprrciated