72 dash pad removal


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Can anyone explain or tell me how to remove the dash pad? So i cancheck gauge bulbs wiring and such. My 72 Chevelle just had a few screws above the gauges and in the glove box. This dash is a touch different since it wraps down and under. Thanks


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have you tried approaching the bulbs from under dash, usually much easier than pulling the pad


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Here you go, step by step, easy to follow instructions:

Here you go:

Step 1 - Drop your lower AC ducts if you have them. I believe it's 3 phillips screws on the pass side. Other half should just pull off with main duct.

Step 2 - On each side of the dash on the underneath lower half, there is a bolt to unscrew. Remove these.

Step 3 - Open glove box, remove phillips screws, removing glove box door and inside box.

Step 4 - Look up, inside where you just removed the glove box and there are 3 or 4 studs with speed nuts on them, loosen those...you don't have to remove as it is slotted and will slide out of position when loosened.

Step 5 - Remove 4 nuts from the back side of the AC/heater controls that holds it to the dash. Remove radio first if one is there to access this panel. Top nuts can be a bi*ch. Remove unit as a whole so you don't have to unplugg any of the vacuum lines.

Step 6 - Remove phillips screws inside the 3 instument pods. Use stubby phillips screwdriver.

Step 7 - Reach up and push the tab on the top side of the speedometer cable where it attaches to the cluster and remove speedo cable from the instrument cluster.

Step 8 - Remove lower dash panel surround (around ash tray)

Step 9 - Remove radio knobs and you need to pull out the head light knob too. Don't yank it! There is a little button you need to push from the back side to release the knob. You probably won't be able to see it, but you will just have to feel around for it. Push it in and it will release the knob. Unplug cigarette lighter wire.

Step 10 - Remove two nuts on either side of the steering column and lower column. Let wheel rest on seat if seat is installed, if no seat get something to support column, it won't reach floor boards.

I am doing this from memory, so hopefully I haven't forgotten something, but now you are ready to pull dash away from the firewall. When you pull away, it will still be attached by the wiring harness. Pull the top of the dash away and remove nuts on top that attach to the instrument cluster.

You should have everything free to remove the dash.

Hope this helps, good luck.
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