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76 Trans Am worth restoring?


New member
Hey guys, new here but it seems to me that you guys can point me in the right direction. I got a 76 Trans Am on a trade a few years ago and it's really just been sitting in my garage and im not sure what way to go with it. It's an original black car, black interior, none t-top but some idiot cut the roof and installed a sun roof! It's a 455, 4 speed car but the originals are long gone and it has a 400 and a 3 speed manual in it at the moment. It's an A/C car but manual windows. Floors are rusty and it's got some behind the rear wheels but other then that, the car is solid. I've been told the car is rare...is this true? I have a t56 I want to put in it and build more of a pro- touring car but if it is something rare, would I be better off selling it to someone who would appreciate it more for what it is?


Staff member
Since you no longer have the original engine or transmission and the roof has been modified it's value as a collectors item is gone. Do with it whatever you want.