86' Firebird TA- speedo quit / trans won't shift..help!!



Speedometer quit, and at the same time trans will only shift into 1st, 2nd, N and R.
Tranny only has 1900 miles on it (built 700R4).

Where should I start; fuses (any hidden ones I may not have known about), bad PCM, speed sensors. I don't think it's the tranny itself, just seems odd the speedo quit and the trans locked up. Any help appreciated?
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the same thing happened to me on my 87 but I lost reverse drove it for awhile just pushing it backwards then I lost 3-4 and dorve it for a while with just 1-2 gear for about a month then I lost those ......the hole time trying to find out what was wrong ....nobody knew and all I could get from any shop was to bring it in.so I wish you the best of luck If i find out any thing I will surly let you know. Darron


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is it electronic? if not its probably the govenor on the transmission, this relies on a speed signal from the speedo to determine when the transmission shifts. Now electronic transmissions uses a vehicle speed sensor instead of a govenor. doesnt do anything that the govenor didnt do but make it alittle quicker and better.
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