90 Trans Sport SE won't shift out of first gear


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OK, so there are multiple problems here. To start out with, it won't shift from first to second. Tried manual shifting, no luck. Second, periodically the lockup won't release, as you slow down it shudders and at a low enough speed it stalls. Like stopping a manual tranny car without pushing in the clutch. Third, my gauges are all wonky, tach goes to the stop when actual RPM's are about 2000, idle at 850 shows 2500, oil pressure shows 80, speedo is way fast. Do I need a computer? Will that solve the shifting problem? I need some help here.

92 Sunbird LE

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pull the tcc plug ( blue 4 prong plug on the radiater side of the trans ) to see if it helps. keep your speed under 35 mph till you get the tcc solenoid replaced ( under the drivers side - side trans pan . GM TH125 C transmission common problem.

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