91 Pont Sunbird 2.0L Le injector sprays then stops

I start the car, the injector sprays fuel and then it just stops spraying fuel. I replaced fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filter, injector, ECM, fuel pressure regulator, throttle position sensor, pulled and cleaned throttle body and it stills does the same thing. When checking injector pulse the pulse never goes away. The injector just stops spraying. Any info appreciated?

92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico
Sounds to me like a electrical problem.The 91's have a problem where the wires to the fuel pump run off the fuse box and get corroded.

Also check the bulk connector to the engine compartment.Mine was loose and it took me 2 weeks to figure it out. I wiggled the wires to it and the car would start and then have the no start condition. One bolt connects it through the firewall to the fuse box.

Did you swap relays ( passenger side under the hood - 3 relays ) to see if that was it also?

Also check you computer engine grounds. ( 3 or more wires bolted to the clyinder head)

Doug in P.R. :)