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92 Grand AM; 3300, 100k miles on the car. To do list


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So first off, I am new here! Please forgive me for anything that's too dumb.
I'm not just here for answers, I've been looking for a good community for a while now. :)

I've got a '92 3300 Grand am, a relative swapped in another 3300 from a Buick about 20 years ago. Don't know how many miles were on the engine before it was swapped in.
This car has been driven short distances for most of its life, slightly neglected being that oil changes weren't very frequent probably around 7k between changes (Each Fall).

Major things that have been done in the past 15 years to the engine that I can remember:
-Alternator changed 2 times (10 and 3 years ago)
-Intake gasket 14 years ago.
-Plugs and wires last year.
-Vacuum lines this year. (I was surprised that they weren't leaking, but definitely almost completely deteriorated.)
-Replaced ECU
-New MAF
- Can't think of anything else

I'm here to ask about a couple of things,
-What should I do at this mileage?
-Whats about to break?
-I love the reliability of this thing, but should I sell it?

Thanks in advance for any input :)
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Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.
Read your post twice and I see no statement as to how many miles are on the car?
Nobody can tell you what is about to break, cars can have things go wrong at 25,000 miles and others can go to 200,000 miles.
You need to perform maintenance on a regular basis as outlined in the owners manual.
If you dont have one, below is a link to the oldest I can provide
If you are not having any problems with the car why would you consider selling it?