95 Thermostat bypass pipe

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wondering one has ran across this problem the pipe that connects the water-pump and the thermostat rusted out. i tried a spot weld but it didn't work. the part is discontinued #10151687. . .i am wondering if anyone knows where i can find this part. I have checked Ebay, they have the part, but it is showing that it is not compatible for my 1995 Transport. any ideas??:eek:


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Can you take pictures of your part to show how badly corroded it is and where exactly the leak is.

I looked up your part number on GM parts direct and is does seem to be discontinued.

However you may get lucky and find a NOS ( new old stock part )

You will likely end up having to source this part at a salvage yard.

If you post the pictures requested perhaps someone may be able to come up with a temporary solution for you until you can source a replacement part.