Adding devices to van


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New member here. I have a question. We got New remote door lock fob covers for our 2008 montana. While changing the covers we noticed that the electronics has ALL the available options on it but the cover was only letting us access lock unlock and panic. Out of curiosity I pressed the remote start option and the dash displayed "remote start disabled". Is there a way to enable the remote start?

Here is what I've tried so far: since our van didn't have the personalization options in the the menu we went to the scrap yard and got the cluster with the extra personalization options(is the same as a normal cluster but there is an extra micro chip on it that looks like laptop ram).
This gave me all the extra personalization options except for the remote start options.

About about a month before I was able to add factory cruise by getting a wire harness, clock spring and cruise switch from the scrap yard. So I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck enabling remote start with access many many montanas at the scrap yard...

Or if it's a different wiring harness to enable remote start..