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Adding EFI


New member
I have a 63 Bonne with a 455 tri power carb system. I would like to scrap the tri power and install an EFI system. Anyone done this? Info on what to use. Do you like it etc?

Thanks for any info people. Much appreciated.

I have been going through this with my '64 Bonneville. I have my original 389 out to 400ci, with Edelbrock heads, and was developing a 2x4 dual quad EFI set-up using a standalone ECU.

This swap couldn't be much easier right now, though common cars like Impalas and GTOs benefit from more aftermarket parts making it a bit easier. Personally I avoid the "bolt on" EFI "kits" as throttle body injection is really not proper injection - you need port injection to get the best from EFI.

I have posted all the parts I used and info on the swap on my website www.bargegarage.com