Any '87 Sunbird GT Hatchbacks still out there?

My old '87 Sunbird GT Hatchback before it was sold. It was the last one built. I ordered it new on the day before the cut-off date. Pontiac Historical Services was even surprised about it, since they were under the impression that the last one was built months earlier. BTW, that spoiler mounted center brake light was a 1987 only feature. They went out of the parts catalog 6 months after the car was built. (I know because I tried to order a spare back then.)

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No 87 hatchbacks on car domain .com either.

There are "2"silver 86 gt convertibles for sale on

One has only 62k miles on it.

Doug in P.R.:)
I saw both of them. They are a little above my pain point at the moment. I also had been the high bidder on one on ebay, but was outbid in the last 2 seconds.
The right one will come my way eventually.