Any ideas on how to get my CD unstuck from the CD player in my...



...Pontiac Vibe? Any ideas on how to get unstuck. It kind of made a noise for a while like a clicking noise then thud. Turned the car off and it continued the noise but stopped after about 30 sec.


Most CD players, even in autos, have a small hole located near the slot where you put the CD that you can insert a safety pin into that will go in so far then you will feel pressure against the pin. Push in the pin harder and it is suppose to mechanically eject a stuck disk. If that doesn't help seek help from the car dealer.


cut the car in half, theres a cd release switch in the middle of the car but it requires cutting the whoel car in half


try a bucket of cold water works with my dogs.

I'm awesome!

Bobby pins are useful. If you still can't get it out, go to a specialty car store with audio equipment. They usually give a good price when fixing something minor like a stuck cd.