Any SV6 owners having problems?



I am having problems negociating a slight hill in very little snow

GM says I should have a diagnostic done on my machine. We shall see what else comes up.

Today was the second day of snow since a couple of weeks ago and we took out our SV6 to drop off my kid at school. The SV6 spun its wheels (a couple of weeks ago and today) and did not move. The tires burned and we could smell the rubber burning smell.

This is a front wheel drive fully loaded SV6. Not a 4 wheel drive.

If some one can post their experience with a 4 Wheel Drive SV6 I would appreciate it.

Of course when we went in to trade it in for a 4 wheel drive SV6 they offered us $16,000.00 which would not even pay off the balance on the SV6.

So much for GM pricing.

Sounds more like tires than drivetrain. Did you put snows on it?

We don't have snow here. Worst we get is the occasional hurricane, but that season's about over. Only problem I've had with the Montana so far is the wife hitting a mailbox with the passenger side mirror. Scraped the housing up but didn't break it, and shattered the mirror. Going to get the mirror today since they just called earlier. $69.50 for a heated passenger side mirror...eesh...thanks, hon!:D


I also have a SV6, front wheel drive, full load. same problem. spin out on snow and ice. gm had a promo on winter rims and tires. put on 16" rims and
snow tires.toyo's
they work great. wify is happy, no more trac.control coming on at take off.


SV-6 2006 Pontiac Mini Van - STAY AWAY

I previously owned a 1998 Pointiac Montana Mini Van without any problems. We then leased a 2006 SV-6 mini-van. It is by far, the WORST vehicle we have ever owned. In less than one years time we have had it back to the dealership at least 8 times. It had to be towed the first day we got it, that should have been a sign! It has no pick-up, shudders at stop signs, poor brakes, and a defective computer chip. It is a dog. Look elsewhere!:mad: :mad:



I have a SV6 with cloth seats and they are impossible to clean. Rain drops stain the seats as does any cleaning agents I have tried. I have called no less that 10 dealerships and they all tell me they cannot clean these seats. I think it is called inferior fabric.....Pontiac tells me it is a pre-existing condition...I say that water should not stain a seat in a van. Anyone else have any problems or solutions ????



The seats are a mess should have had the seats treated with special protectect. Never had seats to be such a problem. Hate them.


To the people with the problems of spinning tires in the snow...

I live in Utah where we get a fair amount of snow each winter on the roads. I just got my SV6 this week but when we picked up the van from the dealer he said "If there is snow on the roads you may want to turn the traction control off if you have excesive tire spinning." I am not sure what this would do other then make it spin more or maybe i just misunderstood him haha.

Rarely post here since my days are taken up with work, family and working on the '77 Can Am I got...

But still no problems with the Montana. Though you're right about the seats. But with my 7 year old and my toddler, I've given up trying to keep the van spotless. It's useless. Again, though, living in Florida has different problems than other places.


We just bought an 06 SV6 two weeks ago. It had 23000 miles on it when we got it. We had to replace a tie rod(?) right after we got it(under warranty). The outside temperature gauge rarely works. They replaced it, but this one doesn't work either. Also, we keep getting a warning to service the stability system, abs system and traction control system. But, when we took it to the dealer, there was no code showing up on their computer so they can't do anything about. The dealership is 45 miles away-when it does it again, we are supposed to drive there without shutting the vehicle off so they can look at it. I have noticed the "shuttering" when it is idling. Forgot to ask about that, but I will bring it up next time we are there(pretty sure we'll be going back). Other than that, I love it. The seat fabric is pretty crappy. My son spilled water on the seat and it stained. The kids love the DVD player and I like the way it drives. Hopefully, these "little" issues will be resolved soon and we won't have any more problems.'s an update on our Montana SV6. It's been over 3 years, so why not? I hadn't even been back to this site for a few years but have recently started participating again.

OK...bodywise, no problems. Apart from the supermarket dings, no accidents. No corrosion or rust. Motor still runs fine, but we're leaking power steering fluid (the shaft seal started leaking after the belt came apart a bit on a road trip and got caught between the pulley and shaft, which screwed up the seal a bit) - so when it gets a bit worse, I'll replace the PS pump.

Everything still works, though the cruise control does have an annoying tendency to just shut itself off. Also, there's a "Check Gas Cap" alarm that won't go away. Dealer says there's a valve that sticks and causes that. AC still blowing nice and cold.

So apart from a few inconveniences, it's still running fine. Does need an alignment, though. Still, it's been a good vehicle for the most part. I do need to get the seats redone and replace the carpet. The toddler is now 5 but no less messy!
Back again after health issues and other stuff kept me away.

The SV6 is still in our possession. We ended up replacing the engine after she ran it dry when an oil leak developed. Loose filter, apparently, so it was pretty quick. Enough that she never mentioned it to me. But such is life. It's still in pretty good shape though there's some scrapes and breaks on the lenses, and the interior is showing its age. We also had to replace the entire passenger mirror assembly when that got torn off (see my earlier posts on this one). But at least it's paid off.

Biggest problem now is the coolant gauge pegs itself now and again, setting off the alarms so that she has to pull over. After a few minutes it clears up and she can continue onward. I have suspected a bad sensor, though in reading other posts, it might be air in the system. I don't know if it's actually boiling over but I haven't seen any dripping under the van.

We're also getting a constant 'check gas cap' alarm but that apparently is a bad or stuck fuel tank pressure sensor. I'm not going to bother with it until I have to go under there for other things.

With well over 100,000 miles, we really have little to complain about.


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We have a 2009 Montana SV6 that we bought brand new (off the dealer lot) and it's been great. Before buying, I did lots of research and picked NO options to eliminate the hassle of future problems. After buying, I added a few DIY upgrades to eliminate future problems as well.

For example:
- Picked with "manual" sliding doors. Power sliding doors have high risk of failure and I kept reading their sensors are too delicate as well. Thus, I went with manual sliding doors. Yes, the older KISS design.
- Standard rear shocks. Self leveling shocks with onboard air compression have high risk of failure. Thus, I went with normal rear shocks. Yes, the older KISS design.
- To "beef up" its rear suspension (without using air product upgrades), I bought/installed 3rd party Timbren SES units. These are chunks of rubber that fit within the rear coil springs. Being a pure mechanical product, no risk of air leak or air compressor failure. If wondering, I installed these chunks of rubber myself. Very simple DIY install.
- Installed my own Transmission Cooler (Hayden @ 5,000 lbs). My transmission service guy says the SV6 transmissions run hot (even if NOT towing things). Thus, why I installed my own 3rd party Aux tranny cooler for connected 5,000 lbs trailer. No worries, I don't pull trailers over 2,500 lbs. And, I might pull a trailer 3 times per year. The 5,000 lbs aux cooler was used to create extra cooling ability - especially during hot blistering summer days. As known, tranny oil likes to keep cool as well.
- Removed its front hood - under side foam corner blocks. This allows hot engine compartment air to escape out the side of the hood. Cooler engine compartment means lower running temps. Especially for the 3.9L engine - that likes to run hot anyway.
- If wondering, our van gets rust proofing spray every late fall. The van has thin metal and reducing risk of rust is a good thing.
- We also got factory remote starter as inclusion during its initial buy. Great option to have. Especially in my snow/ice region.
- We also got included side curtain air bags - since extra safety is good thing as well.
- I added my own 3rd party front hood wind deflector - to help save the front hood paint. And, this front bug guard helps me better judge its front bumper distance position.
- Also bought/installed 3rd party window rain deflectors as well. This allows us to keep the front windows down 1" during hot blistering summer days - without worry of water entry from sudden heat flash thunder storm. And, having 2 x windows down 1" does keep its insides cooler as well. As you guessed, these vans have hot insides and love to breath - to keep cooler. Especially during hot blistering summer days.

For my region, we also bought extra set (set of 4) steel rims and snow/ice tires. The deep knob snow/ice tires are must have in my region. Normal all season tires during winter in my region are near useless. If you have this van and live in snow/ice region, definitely get deep knob winter ice/snows as well. This upgrade is well worth it.

Since we bought new in spring 2009 (when a few GM dealers were closing in my region), we got its battery replaced under warranty (within 3 months of usage) and got one of its 1 x key FOB device replaced as well. Other than these minor warranty replacement things, our SV6 van has been running great. It starts easy, no weird sounds and it runs cool. Since we drive it like we want to keep it forever, I assume it will treat us with respect in the long run as well...

For us, our SV6 van has been great. It starts, it treats us with respect and we treat it with respect as well. So far, good buy for my family.

Hope this helps in your research...
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Since last May 17-2013 (see my above post), our SV6 van has endured a few more mechanical problems.

They are:
- Lost AC cooling and its AC clutch needed to be replaced (covered under extended warranty)
- 2 x Key FOBS gone bad. One needed new battery. Other needed new key pad.
- Water pump needed to be replaced (covered under extended warranty)
- Needed new front brake pads / rotors -> paid due to their wear/tear classifications
- Need new rear brake pads / rotors -> paid to their wear / tear classifications.

So far, no rust. Although we do get our van rust protection spray every fall.

Like in the past years, we simply turn its engine key, it starts, and we enjoy driving it.

Hope this helps...


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Update (since my last post):
- GM dealer replaced Tie Rod (due to its steering sloppiness).
- I'm currently in the midst of replacing its rear wiper motor (parts bought from Amazon).

Hoping to get minimum 1 (hopefully 2) more years out of this van... Only time will tell...
Still have the van almost 12 years later.

Replaced the engine AGAIN when the wife drove it without oil (the front main crankshaft seal failed) for about 4 miles. She said she was afraid of being stranded. She should have been more afraid of being responsible for a $3200 bill...but oh well. Since I didn't have that type of cash available the van sat for a year or so and became a playhouse for the kids - which further trashed it out. She got a Mazda 626 which has become a pain in the butt as well. When that happened, I finally got the engine done again and we were off and running.

Late in '15 the transmission went out (a pump) while I was returning from a run to West Palm Beach and that repair was made. So much for the original drivetrain, but it's been going really well since then. I've made a project of upgrading it when I can find better parts.

So now, instead of the base-level second and third row seats, it's sporting captains' chairs with the second row console. More bins, a replacement DVD player, repairs to the overhead console, a new headlight and taillights, and even an AC inverter. Getting alloys put on the front end since I spotted three of them at the salvage yard. Just need one more and the center caps. Pissed me off when I finally found an SV6 in the salvage yard, and it didn't last a week before they crushed it. An Uplander has been there for over two months. Aggravating, because it was identical to my van, and had several upgrades including radio controls on the steering wheel that I wanted. Ah well.

So that's where we are. The next new vehicle will probably be the wife's daily driver, so I anticipate driving the SV6. Sure, it's a minivan, but it's a Pontiac too. I also hope to see the body work completed on my 1977 Can Am done soon, too. :)


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Since my last post (way above):
- Replaced 1 x TPMS wireless valve stem - to eliminate dash light error msg.
- Another TPMS wireless valve stem starting acting up. If I replace this one, I should replace all 3 remaining at same time.
- 2 x front End Links needed to be replaced.
- Its one sliding door's power lock stopped working. Thus, another DIY door skin removal for most likely a simple power cylinder replacement.
- Due to loose steering wheel movement range, its entire rack & Pinion system needed to be replaced.
- Needed shocks - for all tires.
- Needed to replace its worn out summer tires (rubber only).
- Needed both front wheel bearings replaced. Its one bearing was starting to make random grind sounds. Ouch!

If I added repair / replacement costs of all above items then compared to its trade-in value + high risk of another moving needing immediate replacement (like its rear bearings replacement), my wife & I decided to "trade it in...". Time to replace with a different vehicle.

If wondering, I bought another mini-van (yes, I still love mini-vans for my cargo and/or towing needs) and love it. Hopefully, our new mini-van will last average 8-12 years usage as well.... Only time will tell....