Anyone own a



Pontiac Vibe? Is it a decent car, I need to get a new car and need to spend under $20,000 but we have 2 kids and 2 big dogs, so I need something a bit roomy.....any suggestions on the Vibe or any other cars?


well from personal experience vibes r not the best cars.. matter of fact they're nowhere near it.. seriously don't buy them.. go for a suzuki forenza.. i know ppl think suzukis r crap but trust me their platform has changes lately and the comapny's products have improved a lot.. under 20 grand thats the best i can suggest.. forenza wagon.. get a cd player 6 speakers, abs brakes etc etc.. its like 16 grand r 17..


They are good cars. I have only seen 1 that had serious engine problems. The owner left the oil cap off and lost all of the oil. Have not seen any other major problems with anything else either, except they are ugly. They did have some tire wear problems, but GM fixed that.