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Atermarket Head Unit install Hardwired



I have a 2008 Grand Prix base model I bought a Android auto head unit and I was given a Kenwood head unit with hands-free XM radio and Bluetooth. I found out that the constant power wire in my 08 Grand Prix is the orange wire there is no illumination wire apparently and I ran an AUX wire from the main fuse box in under the hood however whenever I hardwire these wires the constant power auxiliary the orange wire and the yellow wire to the harness for both stereos there is no power the Guinness to not turn on at all could somebody please help me to figure out how to hardwire any aftermarket stereo but preferably my Android auto to this car without having to buy an expensive harness because I have no money


The android head unit came with instructions and a help line to contact?
What make and model?
Hello Tu For Replying. No instructions. .From China the problem is the grandam harness has more wires different colors. I cant find a diagram that shows then all. I have 3 orange for example and three blue Diagram shows, orange 2 blue