'B' body Rally gauge problems

Jacko G

New member
Hello fellow Pontiac enthusiasts!

I am posting on this Bonneville forum hoping somebody has completed a conversion from idiot lights to Rally gauges for a 1973-1976 ‘B' body. Mine is a 73’ Grandville vert with the 455 motor. I have installed the rally gauges (all nos) a new rally gauge printed circuit (from Ames), and all new AC Delco sending units. My problem is that the only gauge I can get to read correctly is the temp gauge (only after running a jumper wire from the right side of the temp resistor to ground). With the car running, the fuel gauge needle indicator doesn't move at all, the voltmeter stays pegged, and the oil pressure gauge appears to read about 40 at idle. The oil pressure reading of 40 is reduced by 5-10 whenever the rpm’s are increased. I have spent many hours trying to correct these problems, but have not had any success. Does anybody have any thoughts or experience with these conversions? I would hate to reinstall the idiot lights, but have run out of options at this point. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer…

Jacko G