Bonneville RIP

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After 48 years the "Bonneville" model will be laid to rest according to a new tidbit in High Performance Pontiac magazine.

Seems SUV's and an overpriced full size car market have taken the wind out of the Pontiac Bonneville sales.

I must ask, where are models like the Bisqane? Catalina? Delta/Delmont 88/LeSebre? The base models of these cars are gone, and these were the cars that were the bread and butter, now we have this little compact cars. Yuk.

Bring back rear wheel drive low cost full size cars. We don't NEED power everything. We need a V8, stickshift, rear wheel drive and a bench seat front and rear that will seat 6 comfortably.

Are you listening GM? We don't WANT SUV's, but often we are forced into them out of need for the room and vehicle capacity. I have 4 kids, my wife and I. 6 that is, and no, I will not buy a MINIVAN! I want a fullsize CAR to drive daily. Not a van. We have a Suburban for the main family driver, but need to have a 6 seater in the family. No F$#%# van! Minivan's can't tow for jack. My Cadillac can tow 7000#. My Suburban can tow 6000#. Where is a car today that can do that?????? WHERE???????????? I only ask for one! I am not going to limit it to cost even! But it should be less than $20K....

What I would give to see the B Body come back in a simple low option car with a decent drivetrain. Not fancy dancy Northstar V8 or V6, just a low cost 5.3-6L LS series V8, iron even. Keep it cheap!

Then sales will come back. All the car companies want to do is load up on high profit cars, not high value cars. I am NOT going to go into debt for my $40K car that should cost $20K. Cars that cost 1/2 as much as my house!


Sal Collaziano

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I agree. If our "big" cars didn't keep getting smaller, there'd be much less trucks on the road. And the trucks use far more gas that big cars. My Fleetwood Brougham rated 17/25. The Cadillac Escalade gets 13/17...

I've heard about the Bonneville's demise as well.. Sad news...
Look at Chevy
Impala SS

All same chassis. All in different levels, making a car affordable with the space requirements needed.

Oh, we can't have that today! Duh. How much more does it cost to design 5 models of car or have 1 platform and different trims. Granted, people like differences. But what most people would have bought a 85 Caprice if they made a Bel-Air trim for it and not bought a Malibu or Citation?

(and to think, you don't have to admit you ever BOUGHT a Citation!!)

Sal Collaziano

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What is the Bonneville being replaced by? I'm also a Cadillac enthusiast and they replaced all the names I grew up with. While I may not like the new names, the new vehicles are fine...


All valid points, what about the 455 Grandville? cut my teeth behind the wheel of an awesome convertible Now am the proud owner of one of the best and last bonnie's ever produced the 2005 GXP. what a car!
I agree with 427 and 05...bring back the big cars and the race names. They can be made for power and economy. Except nowadays all the racetracks and races have been bought out for '06 Infineon 500 sponsored by Radio Shack?The Grandville...ah yes...a land yacht, but who cares, when you're the one captaining it?


Hemi, why don't you and everyone else with an opinion tell it directly to GM? Since you read High Performance Pontiac, surely you saw that GM has its own blog site They are the ones making, or in this case, not making the cars we enjoy. Give them your input on how you'd like to see them do things differently.
I didn't know they have a blog, I will go check it out. We had a nice thread on about what is wrong with GM. I don't have a problem with changing names over the years, but some names are just plain boring. Even Cadillac, ETC, STS, CTS, DTS. What is going on? Add a -v for high perf.

GM is continually ruining their corp identity with marking running the show like this. Now, for Honda and Toyota, I wholeheartedly recommend they change the names! Camry? Civic, Accord? BORING as Homer Simpson would put it.

I think most car companies are putting too many eggs in one basket, as the fuel crunch we are seeing is screaming to the auto industry, too many SUV's. Sales are terrible for them now. And everyone is clamoring for a civic or corrolla. Where is GM's decent fuel economy car? The Aveo? UGLY. The Sunfire? Great, not enough economy. They need a wimpier version with 40+ mpg. I wouldn't buy it, but, that is what people want right now. I would want one with a LS7 in it, RWD.


Newby with old Pontiac

This may not be the appropriate Forum, but I'd be interested in any recommendations about any websites with discussion forums that cover the 1960s Pontiacs, specifically the "big-bodied" cars. I am interested in performance options, 421 stuff, multiple carbs. I just purchased a 1961 Bonneville and am making plans for a renovation.

Thanks in advance!

Tom in Columbia, MO
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