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Braking solution for '65 Bonneville


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Once again, another post about my pride and joy, The ' 65 Bonneville.

After many months of toil I finally have my '65 Bonneville streetable after its 30-year sleep, however, I am most unimpressed by the braking reliability. I am looking to upgrade to a dual master system, however most every supplier, Rockauto, Summit, Jegs, OPGI, even Amazon doesn't seem to offer one specifically for the Bonneville, however, by cross-referencing part numbers, I have noticed that single masters between the 65 Bonneville and numerous other GM vehicles are the same, I am wondering if I order one made for a GTO, or an Impala, for example, will it properly fit. I assume it should, because the mounting system should be the same between the singles, so it should be the same with the dual, but I'd like to get a second opinion.

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1965 Bonneville Brake System

Give me a call -- and I will give you your options, based on what you want to do ...... Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935..... West Hempstead, New York....:):