can I swap a v8 into a pontiac sunfire if so what engine would fit?


Staff member
the car is front wheel drive so you would have to do a lot more engineering than just drop in an engine. How about the transmission? I assume you would want rear wheel drive. It is a massive undertaking and not worth it.


I think YES! Basically, the 4 banger and transaxle should weigh about what the V8 does so the front suspension and brakes would be fine. Slide the engine back so that the carb is about where the radio would be in the dashboard. A V8 weighs about the same as two fat guys so it ought to balance. That just means that you have to cook up a rear suspension. Find a mini truck or something narrow (old Bronco?) and do some measuring. I advise looking at The Bad Seed Chevette and copying how that was done. Good luck!
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