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Chevy guy with his first Pontiac. Got a 74 gto that I am just starting to bring back to life. Might be rare how do I find out?


New member
It is a 74 hatchback, originally fern mist green, 3 speed on floor, 350 with green interior. Shaker hood. Everything down to carb is original but pretty rough.
Just knocking the rust off and taking inventory of the sheet metal to be replaced.

Got build sheets and even original title.

Where can I look up how many were built like it?


Belleville MI
I don't know if there is a break down of what you are asking, you should be able to find out how many HB to coupes, were made, and also how many of your color were made, but getting down to how many Fern Mist Green HB's with the base 3-speed manual is doubtful, sorry. Post some pictures when you can, I always Liked 74's, never owned one though.