Chevy HHR or...


Catherine L

...Pontiac Vibe? My husband and I have narrowed down our new or used car purchase to either the HHR or Vibe, depending on what kind of deal we can get. It really doesn't matter to us whether it is new or used (less than 30k miles). I have drove the HHR, but not the Vibe because the Pontiac dealer is so far away. We really love the cargo area in the's exactly the right amount of space for our dogs. Most of the consumer reports I have read have put them neck and neck except for the safety features where the Vibe is lacking in some areas. Experiences or opnions?


Pontiac Vibe, Its the same car as the Toyota Matrix which is based off the Toyota Corolla. Youll be getting Toyota reliability with a domestic car price. Buy a used one and youll be way ahead of the game.

Fez J

Id say go for the HHR. Chevy is a very good bang for the buck company with lots of reputation. They will give u a good car with the hhr. The vibe is just not as good, and Pontiac isn't as good as Chevy reputation wise.


A new hhr would be better.


New member
Neither, for I despise Chevy(My least favorite American make) and all of their sorry craps, and I also HATE anything Japanese. Vibe is nothing more than a re-badged Japanese import trash, and is my least favorite Pontiac. I wouldn't take either one even if I can get them for free. Simple as that.