Code 45 retrieved



Car was running rough. Parked the car, and retrieved a code 45, O2 sensor/running rich. Would you simply get a new sensor? My car does burn some oil, should that shorten the life of an O2 sensor?

Probably going to be a regular thing with my old car from now on, right?

Thanks, people.


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Actually you are supposed to first check for anything that will cause a rich condition before replacing the sensor.
Fuel pressure too high.
Leaky injector.
Canister saturated with gasoline.
Leaking fuel pressure regulator.
There are other causes also just Google obd1 code 45.


Thanks, Mel. But with the definite oil burning verified (I add a quart every 6 weeks) isnt that a condition? We all know those canisters have long been decapacitated/saturated, and I do not know where to even get a new one.

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You can replace it with one of those clear plastic paper fuel filters, did it on my truck , But I just disconnected the canister on my Bird and connected the hose from the engine to the one to the gas tank with no filter. Both had strong fuel smell when you got close to the front of them. Not anymore, Problem solved....

Doug in P.R.


But just thought- what if one does nothing and does not replace the original (33 year old) fuel canister? Really, does it affect the driveability of the car? Otherwise, I really may not worry too much.