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Complete High Performance Drive train with new 461 Pontiac Stroker Engine


New member
have a nice Pontiac drive train combination coming available in about 4-8 weeks that combines high performance with the dependability of fuel injection.

First is a new 461 Pontiac Stroker Engine. The engine should put out around 460-475HP with 525-550 lb-ft of torque. It is built using a 481988 400 Block. Cam is a CROWER 60243 HYD.FT, 284/290 ADV.,228/235@.050, 112LSA. Heads are 6X-8's. I can send the entire build sheet if you're interested.

The engine will arrive broken in (Cam, Lifters, seat rings). I'll also have it dyno'd before shipment to confirm power numbers.

In addition to the engine I have a Pontiac TH350 transmission that was built to handle the new engine's power, with a 2200 stall converter and a Stage 1 Shift Kit. The tranny has about 1K miles on it.

For excellent cooling I also am including a top of the line 2 row Dewitts Radiator custom made with larger rows, along with a Spal fan and a Hayden Premium Fan Clutch.

The Fuel Injection, Ignition and Electrical System is made up of the following parts:
MSD 2910 Fuel Injection Master Kit (not including fuel lines):
MSD 8528 Billet Distributor:
MSD 84211 Rotor Phasing Kit:
MSD 6425 6AL Ignition Control Box:
MSD 8252 Blaster HVC Ignition Coil:
Edelbrock 2696 Four-Hole Square-Bore to Spread-Bore Carburetor Adapter:
MSD 35379 Spark Plug Wires:
Mechman 170A High Performance Alternator:

The fuel injection system, alternator and A/C has about 1K miles on it as well.

All you really need to get this kit up and running is some exhaust manifolds, an EFI fuel tank and an EFI fuel pump. It's basically a turn key setup.

I'm asking $10K for the entire package shipped for free in the US. Feel free to PM if you have any questions. Again, it will be a few weeks before the engine is available and I'll take pictures of all of the parts at that time as well.

Thanks for looking!