Convertible frame alignment


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I have a 1963 bonneville convertible that when you raise the top the pegs do not line up with the holes. Is there a way to align the frame for the top?
where the top bolts to the body
but before emacs was that you should determine why you're having the symptom misalignment and fix the cars did you frame dance incorrect perhaps. did someone forget to latch it and have it wad up at speed , top installed poorly & streatchin tops frame diagonaly
...prior restotation with disproportionate asperation to dedication level
If you do adjust it , scribe around washers so you can essilybteturn HOME if ya make things worse
Convertibles frames boxed or 4 sided to carry load roof on H/T does
however doors and jams have a pair of brass & stainless wedges that lineup whenn door is closed and create point of contact that prevents frame & body flex
paint and body guys atr notorious for removing those & not replacing them
Chech to be certain things are /are not within factory's Tolerances & that should imdicate problem & plan of attack to resolve it
Holy headlights batman ...didn't realize th time....hav appointment to diagnose friends car trouble over th fone by th noise they'll make imitatin noise it makes.
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