Coolant in oil !!!


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I did an oil change today and noticed the oil filler cap had some "milkshake" oil on it. There was also milkshake oil on the inside of the valve cover. But nowhere else.

There was also NO trace of coolant in the oil I drained out of the car. It was just oil.

Is there something on this engine that can cause coolant in the oil other than a blown head gasket? I've worked on other engines that have an internal oil cooler that can cause coolant to leak into the oil.

By the way, the car has 205k miles.

01 Grand Am GT V6

92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico
Intake gasket time! This engine is famous for it ( look online ) Felpro gaskets and new intake bolts are what you need. Cheap stuff from the factory and Dexcool are the culprits.GM never issued a recall, just a bulletin. Don't wait too long to repair or it will end in a milkshake and complete engine damage.

Doug in P.R.:)
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