Diving in the history of my car...

Dear Pontiac enthusiastics

I am trying to find the history of my "new" 71 Firebird Formula 400 diving on Internet...but without success. I have looked for in typical web pages as carfax, etc but no results are given.

I would like to know, if would be possible, in which state the car was sold for first time, who was the first owner, maybe the rest of owners along years, the original color and options, the bill, etc...

Maybe I am complety crazy, but I feel a deep curiosity to know the human story that there is behing this steel machine.

Please somebody could give me some advice about it?


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you can get a copy of the original window sticker and other information by contacting www.phs-online.com . It will tell you the state, color, options but nothing about ownership which is very difficult to find due to privacy regulations.


Belleville MI
If the car was ordered by the customer sometimes it is listed on the PHS, a couple of my cars PHS has the original owners name on it, but most just have the dealer it was delivered to.

The only other way I have found the original owners name is if the "protect o Plate" is still in the glovecompartment. The card the dealer would swipe on the warranty or service records.

Sorry but that is the best I can do

Please post some pictures of your Formula, the 70-73 Formula's are one of my favorate body styles.
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