Do you own a Pontiac...



...Vibe? If so
what color?
what year?
do you have rims?
what makes your vibe special?
Do you have any cool accessories or flare that adds to your vibe?


My daddy has one. He put reflectors on the hood, windows and a wing on the a** end. And he's tinted the windows almost illegally dark. It looks pretty good. I used to hate it. Now I call it " tiny"


I owned a metallic maroon Pontiac Vibe. It was a great car. I loved the CD player, the storage room in the back, and how it felt to drive it. It was like a mini-SUV!

My special accessory was a personalized license plate I put on the front, with three wildly colored frogs.


My Vibe is a 2004 and what makes it so special is that I have put over 106,000 miles on it and it still runs great. no major issues with it at all. Best car for my money so far.

I did hang a illuminated skeleton from the rearview mirror. His name is Boner.:)