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Donated Aztec


New member
My wife and myself are now the not so proud owners of a 2002 Aztec that is currently a rolling bio-hazard, but with that said.... here is where my research begins.

SO currently i'm having an issue with the internal electronics, mainly the interior lights are not working, the radio is locked and the dash shows SECURITY. The car starts and drives (poorly but i don't think its related to this issue) and i'm not entirely locked out.

I know some minor history behind the car, it came from some family member with a somewhat questionable background, parts were taken off it and sold for money, the only thing I immediately notice missing is the AC compressor but nothing else.

I've looked into possible solutions but haven't tried anything yet, I mainly came here hoping that someone could point me in the right direction cause I didn't dig through the whole forum for information.

Thanks in advance.