DVD player not ejecting disk


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The 2005 SV6 I recently purchased has the DVD player which I did not check out, since it was not a priority. Yesterday I thought I would check it out just in case I needed it. So I put a commercial CD in it. The screen read something about a disk error and would not eject it.

I tried different things like pull the fuse with no results. I saw on YouTube how to remove the unit and it looked simple so I tried prying it out from the front. There was a popping sound on one corner, but the other would not budge. I found out later that some use clips, but mine was held by 2 screws.

Anyway, the vibration must have helped because the CD played about 4 songs and then froze. When I found out about the screws behind the DVD screen I took it down. Then I found out why it would not go back up tightly on the one side because I broke the plastic behind the screw.

Upon looking at the unit it did not look like a good idea to disassemble it, and it took a special screwdriver anyway. I hoped to at least get it to hang better so I used some superglue to hold the plastic and left it overnight to harden. (The SG gel I had is slow drying).

Before I reinstalled it I plugged it in and heard the normal sound of a CD loading. So I pressed the eject button and wah lah! Out came the CD!

On a side note, I was happy to find that I can still attach an MP3 player through the RCA jacks on the DVD player and play the sound through the main speakers. At first I thought that only the 2008 Uplander had this feature because of the audio jack on the radio itself. My previous minivan had an aftermarket radio with the audio jack and I liked that option.
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