engine swap



Help,I have a 1964 Pontiac Catalina with 389ci. engine and RotoMatic(slim jim)
auto trans.The engine dropped a valve so I have to replace it because I can't
find another rebuildable one for less than a kings ransom.My question is this,and i've heard yes and no so I hope someone knows for sure.Will a 400ci pontiac V8 bolt up to that tranny,I was told the 389 had a different bolt pattern,they thought.If it will do the motor mounts for the 389 work on the 400?Also the starter on this tranny bolts to the tranny instead of the engine like the 400,what happens there?


I have a 1962 Cat with a 389 and the slim jim trans was also bad when we bought it. The price to rebuild it was outragous so we put a 400 in ours and it bolted right up no problem. As long as it's a Pontiac trans it should be just fine.Depending on the length of your drive shaft you may have to switch tales on your trans but that's about it.Hope this helps out.Happy Crusin.