Engine swapping the torrent

Well guys, here’s my dilema. Although this is extremely ridiculous, I have grown so attached to my Torrent(it was my first car and I’ve had it going on 7 years) I don’t want to sell it but I want to possibly engine swap it. It currently has the 3.4L V6 with awd. I don’t know what engine to put into it but I want to make it something completely ridiculous.(possibly making it into a diesel, at least putting a V8 engine in it)
Hmu with ideas cause the market for this kind of stuff is pretty niche. Thanks(don’t laugh too hard lol)

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You may want to read this:


Not much you can do to the 3.4 anyways, most do the usual and get no results. If your not worried about emissions, any GM V8 Fwd ( Cadillac 4.9 or North star or Olds Aurora) might work if you can build the tranny to survive. The other alternative is to put the body on a RWD truck frame (S10 -kits online to lengthen or shrink the wheelbase) easier swap in my opinion.

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