front crank timing seal

Well I changed it not to bad. Gm has a newer replacement seal that when a car is in storage will not dry up, then leak when it warms ups in the spring.

To do the job the easy way it is recommended to have a lift. To start take top of air filter apart, Unhook MAF unscrew filter cover and pull apart. On top of engine pop off cover and move out of way. Now with a 3/8 serpentine belt tool to unspring the tensioner to pull the belt off, Next under car do the same to the power steering belt. Next take the 2 bolts out of the rack and pinion pull the left (passenger side) down to make clearance for crank pulley. Next socket for crack pulley and breaker bar to break loose the bolt. Screw driver lodged into pulley and timing cover to lock pulley from moving when breaking bolt loose. When bolt is loose unscrew and pull out. Very important when pulling pulley out make sure where the key way is so as to putting back you put it back in right. There is no room for error here so take a picture or mark it, The pulley has to slide back on the key way only one way. Next with seal remover or flat blade screw driver slowly work around to dislodge it out of timing cover. Please note the direction of seal how it fits into cover. Again it can only fit into cover one way. Once it pops out take the new seal with some grease lube it generously. Hold it back into timing cover flush and square , Take a socket the size of seal and lay flat on seal tap gently with hammer to tap back into timing cover. Again grease seal and rubber on seal. Align pulley back up with key way slide back in. Screw crank bolt back in torque to 85 foot pound. bolt rack and pinion, belt on power steering, go back on top of car and reassemble the remaining items and you are done. Start car let warm up rev to 3 thousand rpm , Shut off engine go back under car check for leaks. If you done it right there will be no noise and no leaks.