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FWD Lemans

The Super Duty 4 cyl. It had several varying displacements. But the 2.7L version was rated at 272 hp. It was based on the Iron Duke 4 cyl, with a specially designed cylinder head and block that was capable of handling the power.

The parts are still available through GM Performance Parts. You can even purchase the head and use it on a std Iron Duke block (the "Tech 4" 2.5L 4cyl that graced many Citations and other "X" cars).

It was a pretty stout little engine.

Sal Collaziano

Staff member
2.7L is pretty big for a four cylinder.. The 2.5 was in some f-bodies and the 2.8 was pretty common (v6) for those cars..


Super Duty 4

I'm in the process of rebuilding a 3.0 Super Duty 4 does any one have Torque specs for this Motor .


If I'm not mistaken it powerd the Indy fiero pace car for 1984.


GM/ASE service/body Tech
Janesville Wi
This was more or less a German Opel Kadett.

Rumors were they were geared well and good handling.

Now, if they only made a SD4 version!
Unfortunatly the leMans 88-92? was a big dissapointment in both power and handling it was imported from GMs dealings with Dawoo (engines) and poor quality control made the cars a nightmare to work with and virtualy No performance parts were available..:(