Gas leak underneath car



08 Pontiac G6 112 miles
I have a gas leak under the car somewhere around the tank with intermittent starting issues no lights on dash. I dropped the tank to see where it was coming from thinking it could be the pump or one of the fuel hoses. Once dropped the area around the fuel pump was completely dry but the corners around the tank were wet. I cleaned up the tank to look for hair line cracks or small holes and I couldn't find any defect in the tank itself. I replaced the fuel pump anyway but I used a salvaged fuel pump not brand new and I replaced the fuel line that sits on top of the tank. I put everything back together and had no leaks or trouble starting the car this lasted for about 3 weeks and now the car is starting to leak gas again and has a long stat time like before. Should I replace the fuel pump again with a brand new one even tho the last one I replaced didn't look like it had a leak or is my problem something else? The only other thing I think it could be is the hose that's connected to the filler neck and the tank itself because it has a weird clip around it that's embedded into the hose and can't be removed without tearing it apart. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm new to all of this and I have pictures of what I saw just don't know how to upload them.


Staff member
If you dealing with a repeating gasoline leak which is potentially very dangerous and you cant find the source of the leak with the car in front of you, take it to a professional before you experience a serious accident. Nobody on the internet can tell you where your gasoline leak is coming from.
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