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gauge wiring


New member
Happy New Year !!
I recently purchased a factory stock rally gauge cluster for my 64 Bonney
The oil pressure and water temp have 2 leads on the back, but are not marked as which is positive/sender and which is Ground. Does anyone know what lead is what !!

Thanks, Wayne IMG_1802.jpg


Staff member
the presence of an insulating washer gives no clue as to which connection is positive versus negative?


Belleville MI
I cant help with what side is Positive or negative, but if you are converting from idiot lights and still using the cars original wiring harness, you have to modify it to eliminate the idiot light test mode on start up, otherwise you will peg out your gauges every time you start the car. After a few dozen times you gauges will be inaccurate at best, and usually damage will follow shortly after.
I did that when I was a teenager to my GTO, usually it only involves disconnecting 1 wire and taping it off, but you will need a wiring diagram to figure out what wire.