GM Protection Plan for an '04 Pontiac Vibe: does it start when the car was first bought, or when I...



GM Protection Plan for an '04 Pontiac Vibe: does it start when the car was first bought, or when I... it? So I am about to buy an '04 Pontiac Vibe--everything looks good, but I wanted to ask a Q about the GM Protection Plan warranty. The brochure the manager gave me says that, since the car is still in the original warranty for 2 more months, that an extended GMPP warranty would start when the car was first purchased and at 0 miles. But the dealer's manager said that the brochure she gave me was old, and that the warranty would start on the date I buy the car. I'm thinking of a 3 yr/36000 mile warranty, but if it starts when the car was first bought, it would be basically worthless. Also, I won't sign a contract w/o it saying what's covered, but she showed me the contract and it doesn't have any of that on it.

I know I've asked a lot a questions here and have gotten some really good answers, so I'm hoping for one more good answer...


"EXTENDING" the manufacturers warranty means just that.
The Mfg. warr. started the day it was 1st purchased and ends 36 mos. from that date OR when the odometer reads 36,000.
You can extend that term or mileage, as long as neither has expired.

You may also purchase a "Used Vehicle Warranty" which would start when YOU purchase it .
This NOT an extension of warranty.

The actual warranty ( paper/policy ) that you sign, and retain a copy of, will have the exact date & odometer reading at which it will expire.
Do Read What You Sign ! Preferably before you pick up the pen

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ask them for there newest and updated info on the extended warranty coverage,,and have them put in writing when the warranty begins and how long it last,,they can tell you a lot of things to sell you a car but if they put it in writing,,there is no disputing it,,i have a friend who bought the extended warranty and his said right on it,,3-yrs or 36000 miles,,and he got it in writing also,,most dealers will be glad to do this for you and explain it to you,,and they should not refuse to put it in writing,,if they do,,don't buy the car from them,,just always get any thing like that in writing,,and make sure you understand all the fine print,,sometime there are provisions in there that exclude certain things so make them go over all of it with you,,then you will be well informed,,hope this help,s.