Grand Prix Interiors 1999.



Hi, first post here! Ive got a 1999 Grand Prix 2DR GT and im looking to give the interior a make over. Ive been looking for all the parts that I am planning on using. So far I have found the carpet,dash, and new audio system im going to put in along with the seats that I am going to use, but I am having trouble finding where to buy replacement or OEM Door panels and other plastics like seatbelt bolt covers and plastic frame covers. The reason I need new ones is because it simply isnt going to match the over all theme. Red and black on tan is a no no in my book. So I am wondering if anyone would know where to buy replace ments, or am I going to end up using vinal dye or something like that?

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Aug 1, 2005
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Well, SEM makes petty good products. They can be found at your local auto paint dealer, or check out the 'net. I know Eastwood carries them. Sometimes, locally, you can get custom dyes (well, yeah, it's really paint, but anyway) made if you really want to get creative. Just be sure that your panels to be painted are prepped correctly, and are in the condition your want.

If you don't want to go that route, then check your local junkyards or post a request on the 'net for it. There's several parts yard sites that I've seen that are tied together to find parts (the businesses are members of their trade association). As usual, there's also places like eBay.

Were it me, I'd just dye it. Less expensive, and you're doing it so you know the quality of the work you're doing.