Help me!!!!


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I purchased an engine from a friend. He told me it was a 389 Pontiac engine. That was all of the info he gave me. I thought I would be able to figure out the exact detail’s about the engine from the internet. So I took it home and started to disassemble the engine. After removing all of the part’s inside and outside of the engine. I documented the number that I thought would help me identify what exactly I had. Which is 525646YC. I then took the engine to be cleaned, checked for crack’s and bored out. So you know. I am not a professional mechanic. So I may use the wrong terminology or call a certain part the wrong name. Well while the engine was getting all of that done. I did some research on the internet. Using the VIN number 525646YC. (I THINK THAT IS THE VIN NUMBER OR CAST NUMBER.) I could not find out what the engine is exactly. So the help I need today is figuring out what I have and the value of it. (DURING DISASSEMBLY I ACCIDENTALLY BROKE ONE OF THE BOLT HOLE’S. IT IS ONE WHERE YOU WOULD BOLT THE ENGINE TO THE TRANSMISSION.) I understand that is an important bolt hole. But somebody with a welder and knowledge of how to repair it. Should have no problem fixing it. My original goal for the engine was to rebuild it and sell it or MAYBE put it in a vehicle for myself. But I have hit some rough time’s and need money. Right now it is an empty engine block on an engine stand. I have all of the original part’s that I took off during disassembly. Thank you for reading this.
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