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Help with finding new front bumper panel for g8


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Hoping someone here can be my savior on something I've gotten no help with locally. I've had a crack in my front bumper panel for yrs when my friend parked over a curb and it cracked when reversing and it's bothered me ever since. I'm not the most sophisticated car guy and locally it's been very difficult to find any help. I know I have to buy the entire front panel but have no clue where to look and what an approx cost might be. If there's any nice car guy out there with a website I could look into I'd be very appreciative and thanks anyone in advance

92 Sunbird LE

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Salinas, Puerto Rico

Just enter your info and zip code and it will list the part closest to you.

Have them send you a pic before you buy , an " A " rating means it's in excellent condition.

You may get lucky and find one the same color as yours.

WWW.Row52.com is a Upullit Yard database, there maybe one near you to get if close also, but of course you would have to get someone to get it off the car for you.

Doug in P.R. šŸ˜Ž