Horn is messed up somewhere in the steering wheel.

So anyone have any experience removing the airbag in the steering wheel of an 02 grand am 3.4 SE1?
Yeah....then we placed the steering column in a fire for several,hours waiting for the airbag to pop.
Assuming nothing was going to happen after literally hours in a fire, we figured the hot coals would be fine & we started walking away.

For some reason, my buddy & I lost our balance at the same time, he stepped left while walking, I stepped right.
At that moment the airbag went off, sending the complete steering column right in between us and ended up sticking in my fence approx 60' from the fire pit.

Does this story answer your question, nope.
But it should keep you alert while playing with the airbag.

Disconnect the Batt, then the yellow wire on the column.
Never assume you are safe around an airbag.
I have seen them go off in a parked car that wasn't running.

Removing the airbag isn't hard though.
Remove the screws from the rear of the wheel.
Pull off cover.
Unbolt/unscrew the airbag, never point it at yourself, always place facing up.
But your horn wires should run up bith sides of the bag to the horn tabs/buttons