I have a pontiac vibe. I need to know waht this



part is called? So we tied a kayak on our car and it dented it! It is dented on the part that is between the roof and the door- it is a small panel about 8 inches wide.

I was told it was easy to replace, but I need to find one first. I was hoping to maybe find a used one in the same color as my car. Am I dreaming?


well u do have a few options, call around and see if they even have the part. Even if the part is not the same color get it anyways. take it to a shop and have them paint it and put it on, it shouldn't be too much, or what you could do is have them pop and fill the dent and repaint it, but that will probably cost more. ur last and most expensive option is to go to a shop and have THEM order the part and put it on